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In the Arena: Conversations of a Lifetime

Brad Rieger

What makes leaders tick? In the Arena podcast delves into the inner workings and personal dynamics of leadership. We’ll shine a light on the life-shaping experiences and perspectives of leaders who have navigated adversity and moved their organizations and themselves forward. Defining moments, lessons learned, and points of inspiration provide a roadmap for these conversations of a lifetime. The podcast title In the Arena has historical roots. In 1910, a year after leaving the presidency, Teddy Roosevelt gave a rousing address in Paris in which he chastised cynics and grenade-throwing critics who lambasted leaders as they worked valiantly to improve the human condition. Over time TR’s “The Man in the Arena” became indelibly linked to the nobility and struggles of leadership. In the Arena host Brad Rieger is the chief executive officer at Cooper-Smith, a full-service marketing and advertising agency headquartered in Toledo, OH with a satellite office in Stamford, CT. Prior to working in the private sector, Brad enjoyed a meaningful 31-year career in education serving in the roles of teacher, principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent. He is a student of the complexities and nuances of leadership and admires the strivers, trailblazers, and influencers who lead with conviction, courage, and resilience.

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